Achieving Peace with Relaxing Harp Music


Philosophically, peace is kind of a slippery subject. I can guarantee you that if you were to ask 100 people how they would define peace, you probably would get 100 different definitions. This should not be a surprise to anybody because we are all different people.

We come from different walks of life, have different experiences, or have seen, heard, tasted, smelled and touched different things. All these differences add up to massive variations in how we choose to see the world, as well as how we imagine the world should operate.

This difference also plays out on many different individual levels, whether we’re talking about emotional, spiritual, psychological and even physical states. This is why the concept of peace can only be approached from a perspective of least common denominator. In other words, most people can agree on just a tiny fraction of the definition of what would otherwise be an all-encompassing and powerful concept.

Most people would agree that peace, at the very least, should involve the absence of conflict. Some people would even take it a step further and say that peace is really the absence of people slapping you around, kicking you in the face, punching your teeth in, shooting at you, or stabbing at you. Others would take it up a notch and say peace involves all those previous definitions plus people not yelling at you. Pass this point, the consensus starts to fall apart based on individual sensitivity.

Do you see why peace is such a slippery concept? It’s almost like that other famously slippery word “love”. The problem with love is that people keep repeating it like some sort of mantra. They do this on many different levels in society and through many different formats that people honestly have no clue. They end up with some sort of broad, vague, generalized version that, when you think about it deeply enough, really doesn’t mean much at all on a truly personal level. The good news is that peace can be very individual.

When it comes to harp music, this is the very best we can do. In other words, while you may not be able to achieve the kind of inner peace that your neighbor is looking for, you can at least look at your own subjective definition of things, and gain a semblance of that by listening to harp music.

Maybe you are confronting really tight deadlines, there are seriously problematic and toxic people in your life, have problems with the law, or you are trying to pay off a debt. All these personal issues can at least be temporarily set aside when you reach deep down inside and choose to be still.

This can be greatly helped when you listen to harp music. At the very least, when you focus on that individual basis, regardless of whatever body else is thinking, you can come close to defining and enjoying peace. Everyone has their own distinct inner rhythm and this influences our sense of inner peace and calm. However, harp music can trigger this and we can then read into our senses the kind of inner harmony only we can recognize.