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Chicago-harpist.com has been around for several years now, and it really blows our mind when we look back to the hundreds of events where we have provided professional harp-playing talent for. It is really quite gratifying to see a wide range of events simply enhanced and blessed by the amazing music our community members are able to bring.

That this website is not only dedicated to helping event organizers, birthday planners, as well as wedding reception consultants, to find the right talent for the right events at the right time, but we also seek to provide a nurturing, open and supporting community for harp-playing professionals.

By using the word “professional”, we don’t mean to scare anybody off. A lot of people think that, to be some sort of professional, you have to have like a professional license. That’s not necessarily the case. It is also not true that you have to have several dozen years’ worth of paid professional performance experience to be considered a professional. Even if you have just discovered the distinctive art of playing this amazing instrument, you can call yourself a professional. It really will boils down to your dedication to your craft.

Our Dedication

Of course, this dedication is not subjective.
Far From It
Far from it, we feature a fairly extensive questionnaire where would-be members would have to supply important details regarding their playing experience. Again, we don’t wish to alienate or exclude anybody who may lack experience, but keep in mind that we do sort or classify people based on how many years they’ve been playing the harp. It doesn’t really matter how big the venue is, or how many people have attended your events. We measure experience based on years.
Important Classification
This classification is important because it helps visitors to our website who are looking to hire a harp professional to make a truly informed choice. Most people make decisions based on the years of experience. To some harp players, this might seem unfair. It might seem like an ill-fitting or outright irrelevant selection criterion, but be that as it may, that’s how the market works.
List Everybody
We would rather list everybody, and not turn anybody away. It really all of depends on the customer as to whether they would entertain hiring you or not. Our job is to make sure that the profile information we feature on this website is completely accurate and up to date. Everything else is up to you and your prospective client.

With that said, we also offer a wide range of resources that professional harp players in Chicago can utilize so as to make themselves more marketable. While nobody can guarantee success, please rest assured that you would have all the tools, resources and free training materials you at least need to take your service marketing results to the next level. It really all boils down to the old saying of people getting out what they put in.

Otherwise stated, if you are just looking at the resources here and not really using them, nor putting our tips into action, then don’t be surprised if you get very little results from our website. On the other hand, if you take a lot of the information that we offer, implement them to create a truly professional harp playing practice for yourself, and treat your harp-playing performance activities as a business, then chances are quite high you would actually make a good living at this.

In fact, a lot of the people that we feature on this website make six figures, $100,000 playing an instrument that you love and have taken years to master is not best. That is just the bottom threshold for true-blue professionals. For people who invest a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy into continuously taking their craft to the next level, six figures is just the starting rate. It really all boils down to how serious you are.